Yllsa Day 1: And they’re off!

I took my measurements and pictures today.  AHHHH! Ok, well, I guess I now know WHY I need to lose weight. *laugh* I’m in the chair, which means I’m sink height. I don’t have a full length mirror, so I can only see the very top of my shoulders and face. The face is a little puffy, but not nearly as bad as the rest. *laugh*

As much as this embarrass me, Brit has to do it, too! We’re in this together…so she needs to HURT UP AND GET HOME FROM THANKSGIVING!  *laugh*


I thought I was going to NEED sugar, but I must have had enough in the fruit and veggies, because I’m not hungry, I ate until I was full. All day. 🙂 The first 2 weeks is a RAW DIET! No meat…that means fish and chicken, too. No dairy. Just fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, water, tea.

And really, I feel pretty good. No cravings, and I’m not hungry like the other diet.  It’s kinda nice.  I have a feeling 2 weeks is gonna either go REALLY fast, or I’m gonna get bored really fast. *laugh*

Today I ate:
2 Bowls of Grapes (on the stems)
1 Orange
1 Granny Smith Apple
A small piece of fresh coconut
2 Celery stalks
3 Tbsp Fresh made almond butter
Half of a grapefruit
A couple small pieces of cantaloupe
1 date.


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