Yllsa Day 3: Brit finally joins us!

Brit was away unexpectedly on Saturday, so she wanted to wait until she got home to start her diet. One of the big differences is the I live just outside of Phoenix, in a BIG suburb with all night grocery stores and weekend Farmer’s Markets all over the place.   Brit lives in a small town where she knows EVERYONE! On the other hand, I live in my bed, so going out to the store if I need something requires  scheduling the trip with my husband or older son who drives. Brit can drive where ever and whenever she wants. *laugh*  Well, we are doing this together, and that’s what matters! Finally!

1/2 Grapefruit
15 grapes
Handful of Almonds
6 Dried Figs

Ok, so without going into TOO much detail, things are… eh hem…
moving right along. This much fiber is definitely going to help get
things moving when it comes time for the “flush” in less than 2
weeks. That’s a good thing when you’ve been on opiates for so
many years. ~Yllsa


15 grapes
1/4 C. Walnuts
6 Dried Figs

1 Orange


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