Yllsa Day 4: Fiber

To the tune of “This Old Man”.
What do you mean you don’t know it?
Ok, to the Barney Song.
That is so sad.

The Fiber Overload Song
I love fiber, fiber loves me!
Wish these farts would let me be!
With a great big Pfffff!
Someone fumigate in here!
My DOG even runs in fear.

Dried Fig
1/2 Grapefruit
1Tbsp Almond butter
10 Grapes

1 Pear
Dried Figs
Remaining Almond Butter
from lunch

Same old fiber
Same old fruits, veggies, etc.

Have a headache today…need to drink more water. I’m having blood drawn today as well, so I need to make sure I’m plenty hydrated. I’m already several days ahead of Brit, she doesn’t stand a chance! ALSO…Brit is SCARED TO FLY!! Then she better get to work on this diet AND get to work on flying  without fear!  🙂  I want to win, but I almost want to see her fly more!  She’s NEVER done it! You know what Brit, I’ll do you a huge favor.  I’ll win, JUST SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO FLY! *hee hee*

Or we’ll give you the ticket price, and you can drive out here. In that case, bring the kids and we’ll do the Grand Canyon. It’ll be a learning summer for them. 🙂


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