Yllsa Day 7: More Complications…from CRPS

Oh, my toes are fine from the surgery..sore and swollen, but fine.

First thing this morning, I woke up and remembered I couldn’t take my morning medication because I had  an appointment for a 9am Fasting Blood Draw. No food for 8 hours. (Sound familiar?) Saint Douglas took me to the Lab, and when we got there, he asked me if I had the paperwork.

“What paperwork?”

“The paperwork you need for this.”

“I need paperwork?”

“Yeah, it’s on my printer where I left it.”

“I need paperwork for this?”

“I’m going home to get the paperwork, I’ll be back.”

“I’ll check-in.”

“But you don’t have the paperwork!”

“I know.  I’ll just let her know what’s going on.”

I’m not sure how fast he drove, he’s usually a very safe driver, and stays right around the speed limit. He made it back in time to get me in and out of there pretty quick. The phlebotomist did a great job, and got the vein on the first try, which is REALLY unusual. Of course, he did use the vein in the INSIDE of the wrist, which is about the only place left on my arms and hands to draw blood anymore. I digress.

With the loss of my crown yesterday, I went straight from the Lab to the dentist. He gave me some bad news. I’m losing bone in my mouth. The bone between the roots of the teeth is disappearing, so I will need deep cleaning, which is a long, grueling process. In addition, I’ll need 2 fillings in addition to the new crown. This isn’t all that shocking, as both the CRPS and the medications I take for said illness will mess up your mouth really well.

However, BECAUSE of said illness (CRPS) I can’t just go into the dentist and get it taken care of. I have a FANTASTIC dentist who, either by some fluke of kismet or the fact that, upon meeting me, the dentist researched CRPS (this is my guess), has a really good understanding of what it means to have CRPS. He called a pediatric dentist/oral surgeon that he knows, who also takes adults with issues like mine (CRPS, not the deep cleaning/fillings/crown) and I have an appointment to see this dentist, who will then schedule SURGERY in a HOSPITAL for me to have this dental work done.

Did I hear that right?  Surgery? Oh wow.

So, today I wasn’t so good, because while I’m sitting in the dentist waiting for all of this to go down, I still haven’t had my meds, and it’s well after 10am. I am in PAIN, so I decide I’m going to take my meds without food (which means I will probably throw them up later but hope I’ll get SOME relief) .  The dental hygiene assistant offered to give me some pretzels or animal crackers.

FOOD!  I don’t really care at this point that it’s not a bag of organic fresh fruit, precut, with a little pack of nuts on the side. It means I can take my meds, which at this point I would have eaten my backpack so that I could take them.

Of course I go for the animal crackers, and I just KNOW that if I don’t lose weight it’s going to be because I cheated TWO DAYS in a row!  The guilt is killing me.

AND, Brit still hasn’t put her measurements up.  Brat…she’s probably eating anything she wants. I’m SO going to win this.  Of course with my luck, she’ll KILL me this month on the weigh in.   I know, no one said life is fair.  *sigh*  It’s ok though, she has a lot more to deal with than I do, and it just shows that I’m SO much more committed to this than she is.

Committed?  Yeah, at this point, I feel like I SHOULD be.  Committed that is.  😉

Some fruit and walnuts

Green beans
Granny Smith Apple


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