Yllsa Day 8: Do baking and dieting mix?

My mom was here all morning through part of the afternoon.  It was nice to have her here and not have ONE FIGHT!  (My mom and I recently were estranged for 18 months.) We spent the whole time making cookie doughs and baking cookies. Not only was it a real breakthrough for us, but I got a lot of my holiday baking started.  AND my youngest son wanted to help, so we put him in charge of stove products. (These are the items that don’t go in the oven, like cookies. Items like Rice Krispy Treats, and Puppy Chow aka Muddy Buddies, Chewies…you get the idea.)

Everything was perfect! The green Krispy Treats are all shaped into little Christmas Trees, and the Puppy Chow is perfect…I was SO PROUD of my little boy! He looked so grown up in his chef’s apron and hat (not the tall ones, the ones that look like surgical caps). The cookie doughs were chilling in the refrigerator, and we got the first cookies all baked and cooled.  Then we started on the LAST COOKIES…and it all went to hell.

I was measuring out the ingredients, and my mom was putting them all together.  Somehow the dough didn’t set up, almost like there wasn’t enough flour in it, but I was very meticulous in measuring the flour. Instead of  just adding more flour, we thought maybe my mom had put in too much of an ingredient, so we made it into a triple batch, which still looked a little off.  I tested a batch, and outside of the shape, the turned out ok. I put the cookies in the refrigerator, because my mom was packing up to go home and we cleaned up the kitchen. I think I will defrost it this week and add more flour. It just seems like the right thing to do .

However, in all of the baking and cooking, everyone wanted to know, “Is this alright?” and “Do you think these are ok?” which of course meant I had to taste test a cookie, or a treat. *Sigh* Well, like the diet says, Tomorrow is another day to begin again. And I guess I’ll have to. I feel like my youngest son WANTS me to be plesently plump. *laugh* He’s always saying, “Here mom, try this!”


Orange (Got my Vitamin C today!)


Pineapple (My mom brought one!)
Green Beans


At this point, you pretty much know, right?
Ok, I don’t remember what I ate last night, darn it!


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