Yllsa Day 9: What was I thinking?

I’m exhausted, but have energy.  I’m not sure how that works, but I’m not sleeping well, I know that much.

I woke up this morning with energy. 6am is not an energy time for me usually, so I decided to make something special for the boys’ breakfast. What was I thinking?

First, I decided on a yeast bread when I should have gone with a quick bread, like coffee cake. “I don’t really like coffee cake.”  Of course, little boys don’t drink coffee, so why should I expect them to like coffee cake. I made the dough in my KitchenAid stand mixer, so I didn’t have to need it. That helped a lot! Did I mention that I decide to make a double batch? What was I thinking?

The dough proofed*(see footnote below) perfectly, and I punched it down, turned it out, cut it in half and let rest. All is going well.  Then my husband wakes up.

“How long before that is ready?”  I count out the times for baking and add a little for rolling and such.

“About an hour.”

“Ok, I can wait for that.”

While the dough was proofing, I taped a metal ruler to the side of the counter to make rolling the dough into a 12″ x 8″ rectangle easier. I rolled out the dough, brushed it with melted butter, and sprinkled on the cinnamon and sugar, then rolled up the dough into the first of four logs. I forgot that EACH BATCH makes TWO 9″ round pans of cinnamon rolls?  Now I have four batches of cinnamon rolls? What was I thinking?

I decide to make one batch regular and one batch with raisin. In order to cut each roll out, you use string or dental floss, and from the bottom, go around the roll and pull the string in opposite directions, gaining you one roll.  You do this 11 times per roll. (The last cut gains you two rolls for those that were counting.  You know who you are.) It take a little while to do this. I get out the pans for the first batch and put them in the pans. The look a little small, and I can’t figure out why, so I check the recipe. Oh no!  I forgot I still have to proof the pans of rolls!  What was I thinking?

At just this moment, my husband (remember I call him the “Saint”) calls out to me.

“How much longer on the rolls?”

“Well…..I forgot I have to proof them again.”

“So how much longer still?”

“20 minutes to proof, and the 20 to bake, so at least 40 minutes.”  By this time it was after 10am.

“I’m making myself something to eat.”

I put the first batch into the rolls, and then in to the “Proofing Machine” which is no more than a hot bowl of water into a warm oven. Then I start rolling out the second batch, first half. I go to the counter to grab the pans, and realize I only OWN two 9″ round pans! What was I thinking? I am NOT waiting until the first batch is done baking to proof the second batch, so I grab an 8″ and a 10″ pan and instead of doing 12 in each pan I do 9 and 15, which is perfect for the pan fit. (When I do rolls like this, I like to have twice as many

The second proofing took a little longer, so it was 30 minutes, not 20. Then I finally get the first batch, both pans, into the oven. At this point, I start proofing batch two with a towel and bowl of hot water. I figure that since the oven is on a higher heat the whole time, they will proof faster. What was I thinking?

Twenty minutes later I checked the baking rolls, and they look GORGEOUS! I pull them out, and then had 10 more minutes to wait for the other batch to proof. I get them in the oven and they take 20 minutes and are done.  Now I have four pans, 48 cinnamon rolls, 24 regular and 24 with raisin, and just in time for lunch. What was I thinking?

Now I have ALL THESE ROLLS, staring at me, telling me that I should eat them, begging me to eat just one. And there are 48 against 1, me.

What WAS I thinking?

Yes, I did taste one.  I had to make sure they turned out ok!

*Sigh* Tomorrow is another day.


*To proof a bread means to allow it to rise. You place it in a warm environment with a cup or bowl of water to keep the bread dough moist. If the dough gets cold it won’t rise. I turn the oven on for a while, then place the bread on top of the oven with a bowl of hot water next to it, and a towel over the whole lot.


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