Yllsa Day 10: Ouch!

Today is rough. I feel horrible. My tongue hurts.  Weird, right? I think that the lost crown may have upset my bite, or when I lost it, maybe it fell under my tongue and it bit down on it. I’ve finally put some Orajel on it and yet there is an area under the back of my tongue, on the right that won’t numb, no matter what I do, and that part doesn’t want me to eat. Great way to lose weight I guess. *laugh*  I have a feeling I’ve been irritating it with pineapple and citrus I eat so often. Maybe today I’ll stick to water and tea.

On the good side, Brit has posted her measurements (YAY!!) and is ON HER WAY!  I know she feels bad that she hasn’t really been with it, but i have a feeling that she’s on board completely now.  I’m really glad, now I’ll have someone to gripe with next week when the REAL hell begins: THE BIG FLUSH!  *laugh* That’s when the flush part of the diet begins and we drink water, a “special” lemonade and Smooth Move Tea. THAT will be fun.

*Sigh* Yeah….


1/2 Grapefruit
1 Orange


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