Brit Day 13?? – “i have no idea”

As i sit and read yllsa’s post about her “failing” i feel as though i need to express something thought provoking to inspire us but i got nothing.  Sadly, all i can think about is wanting to buy rollercoaster tycoon 4.  i think i maybe a little addicted to gaming.  i have been a gamer geek since the first atari consoles came out.  “wait! are you that old?”  yes, i know my youthful appearance is diecptive but i AM that old.   i love roleplaying games but i also like simulation games too and it is this time of the year that i (before i had kids)  could lose myself for days in a game.  the holidays are very hard for me so i know i’m suppose to be posting about what i ate today (banana, eggs, popcorn, carrots fail) but i’m going to acknowledge that right now life is hard enough to not slip into an abyss of despair.  so, i think for now i’m going to focus on anything that makes me smile.  and if i happen to eat a cookie, albeit a glut free cookie, then i ate a cookie.  i am, however, going to continue to try to regain my hottness of the past.  i feel my inner skinny and she would like to wear cute clothes again.


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