Yllsa Day 16 – Phase 2 Begins

Today I started the cleanse part of the diet, and to be honest, with as much trepidation as I was feeling about the whole thing, I feel better today than I have in days. Don’t get me wrong, there are side effects to this part of the diet that aren’t exactly fun. Remember, it’s a cleanse, and it does more than just detoxify your liver, kidneys and other filtering organs, it also cleans out your intestines. The day goes like this:

Breakfast: Salt water flush!
This consists of a very large glass of very warm salt water[1] that you drink in 10-20 minutes. It’s like drinking flavorless chicken broth. *laugh* For those of you that aren’t familiar with this recipe, this is a laxative. I’m sure you all know what THAT does.  I will say that this first day, it’s been pretty gentle, no really horrible cramps so far, and it’s been hours. Keep in mind I’ve been on pretty heavy opiates which WILL back you up pretty well, so laxatives tend not to be a lot of fun.

The rest of the day: Lemonade!  (Something kind of fun!)
This lemonade is an 8 oz. glass of water with fresh lemon juice, real maple syrup and cayenne pepper1.  The first thing to remember here…STIR! Before every sip, stir! Otherwise, your last sip will be VERY unlike the first. This is suppose to help your filtering organs get rid of extra toxin build-up, and flush them out of your body with the other gunk. It’s like getting a fluids change in your car.

Nighttime: TEA!
This is something I love to drink anyway. However, in this case, I will make an exception. *laugh* Every night we should drink a cup of Smooth Move tea.  Yes, it’s just what it sounds like; it’s a laxative tea.

These are the things that I CAN have it I need it.
Tea (I can drink tea throughout the day if I want to add it to my other drinks)
If I NEED to eat, I can eat the following: Watermelon, citrus, celery, seedless grapes, etc. Fruits with a lot of juice.

While I am having some cramping, it’s not at all as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Other than that, I’m just sleepy. I’m usually fatigued, but now I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open at all.

I don’t know how Brit is doing, I need to call her.  I know she was leery of this part of the diet, and to be honest, so was I.  I need to speak with my doctor to make sure this isn’t going to make things worse, or make my meds not work, or whatever.  I want badly to do it, so I will see what he says. In the meantime, I will start and see how it goes. 🙂  Keep your fingers crossed.

For the next week, I’m going to be eating…or drinking as the case may be…the same exact thing every day, so instead of telling you what I ate, since that would be even more redundant than last week, I’ll use this space as a journal to report how I’m feeling, and what results I’m seeing.  That way, if YOU ever want to do this, you can know what to expect.

On the positive side, I’m feeling MUCH more, well, positive!  I started taking St. John’s Wart again, as I had run out, and I’m seeing a very…positive…result. Yes, I’m sure.  I’m absolutely…well, you get the idea.

EVENING UPDATE: There’s a grumbly in my tumbly…

[1] You will note that I do not give the specific amounts. Since this is proprietary information, I feel it would be unethical of me to give the recipes out on the internet.  I’m sure you could probably get it on the internet really easily if you wanted to, or you can go buy the books at fatlossfactor.com.


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