Yllsa Day 17 – Get ou’ of ma’ bellay!

If you don’t understand the title of this, think Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.  It makes more sense now, right?  🙂

Last night I was feeling hungry so I had a handful of grapes.  I still have to take my meds, so I had some grapes with the hopes that they would slow down digestion enough for the meds to have a chance to work.  So far, so good, My meds are working pretty well, though I’m not getting as much help from the pain meds, so my pain levels are higher.

I know this whole process is supposed to get RID of all the crap I’m putting into my system, including my liver and kidneys, however, if I stop taking my meds, I’m only going to do it once. *laugh* I know I’m going to have to do it for my ketamine treatment, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Feeling ok today, bloated and tired. My son made a Pizzookie last night (A pizza that is made with chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla ice cream.) and I could smell it all evening! It was torturous! I wanted some of that cookie so bad! But I had grapes instead.  YAY!  🙂

I had a dream last night that I had type 2 diabetes and it was WAY out of control. Part of the reason I’m doing this diet is to lose the weight and get healthy. I have to lose 20 lbs as soon as possible, and hopefully that will bring my blood sugar down. At least my doctor seems to think so. I have to test again this week, and hopefully we’ll see some results. If I haven’t lost at least some weight I’m going to be very upset.

If nothing else, I will be losing the pounds of…yuck that have been sitting in my intestines forever, and that’s a good thing. 🙂

BRIT! Where are you?  Are you still out there?


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