Yllsa Day 18: Oh, Holy Crap!

(Sung to the tune of O Holy Night!)

O Holy Crap!
The flush has worked its magic,
I spent the day going to and from the loo.

I didn’t know
That when they said I’d lose weight
They meant I would lose it all in one shot. (Can use an i instead of an o here)

I thought it odd
When I drank the salty water
Through a straw
It was drain from my nostril.

I’ve lost 10 pounds,
Just by sitting on the toilet.

O GOD, my Butt
I need Tucks, or some ice cubes.

I hope that this is all,
O Crap! I’m not done.
I hope that this is all,
O Crap! O Holy Crap!

Well, I must say that drinking the salt water through a straw, and having it come right out of my right nostril was just about the weirdest sensation in the world. On the other hand, it was like, “Oh look, an intestinal flush AND a Neti Pot!”  *laugh*

However, I did empty out my large intestines, and that was kinda cool.  I mean, not the act, just the fact that it’s not sitting in there anymore.  No, I’m not one of those weirdos!  I’m a weirdo, just not that type.

Ok, I’m going to change the subject now.  Better yet, I’ll sign out for now. That way I can avoid sticking my foot in my mouth up to my knee.


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