Yllsa: Christmas Early morning…I hear sleigh bells.

The gifts are all opened. The movies have been watched.

And of the two, the second was better. Christmas was small this year.  Money was so tight, that there just wasn’t much to put under the tree. We didn’t even put a tree up.  Once the boys graduate, we may not even have Christmas.  Neither of us believe in a religion, and we don’t have the same view as others of God, so Christmas is a time to give what we can to those we love as a token of….I’m such an idiot.

I think next year we’ll buy gifts at THANKSGIVING!  It makes more sense than Christmas!  We’ll give gifts to those that we wish to thank. It’s what we do anyway!  And then we can give back to our community by doing and giving time, or my family can.  I think I want to make sure that tradition gets started.  Christmas will become a winter festival, and there will still be cookies and wonderful foods, but one gift, to celebrate the end of the year, and of course our anniversary.

One of my neighbors gave me a journal, and I bought myself a couple of things that I wanted and were inexpensive, giving myself something to open.  My parents and in-laws gave their gifts earlier this month…so I got to spend my time watching the faces of my husband and youngest child open their meager gifts, and my husband “OOO’ed” at one point…it gave me great joy.  My in-laws gave us a new TV, and I’ve spent the last three nights with my family just hanging out and watching movies.

The one gift I wanted was one I got, and no one could give it to me.  It was the gift of time.  And for me, it truly is better to GIVE than to receive.  I prefer it this way, and so for that reason, this was one of my better Christmas eves.

My middle son is almost a whole country away, and I miss him SO MUCH!  My oldest son is working, and I have my youngest for the whole holiday because I traded with my ex.  He got all of Thanksgiving, and I was suppose to get all of Christmas so that we could go out of town.  The money wasn’t there for us to go out of town, so we’re giving my ex time with our son instead, and that’s the best gift I can give HIM, too.  The unexpected gift of time.  That was what I tried to do for everyone.

We gave out baskets with wine, cheese, crackers, and other treats, and what I told people was this…we’re giving your the gift of time, time to spend with your loved one, just enjoying that time together.

My pasting thought for you is this:  Life is short. Enjoy every moment.  And have a very happy Christmas.



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