It’s a little late, but I just remembered that we were due for a weigh-in.  Since I can’t weight myself until I get to a doctor’s office or a grocery store (they have the big scales that my wheelchair can fit on. All I have to do is put a chair on it, or my chair, empty, zero out the scale (or record the weight) and then sit in it. The difference is my weight. (If I can avoid having my husband have to lift me one more time, then I will. Last time he strained a leg muscle and it took weeks to heal.  I always feel bad when he has to do all of my transfers. At least he’s going to be getting stronger, and maybe even lose weight. *laugh* Not that I think he isn’t sexy and all…ok, I’m going to stop there before I put my foot in my mouth too far. The Saint DOES read these. *laugh*)

Here, in the meantime, are my measurements, with the original measurements listed again so that you can compare. Drum roll, please.


  • Right Upper Arm: 12″                                                *  Right Upper Arm:        12″
  • Chest:              37.5″                                                *  Chest:                       36″
  • Waist:                36″                                                 *  Waist:                       35″
  • Hips:                  39″                                                 *  Hips:                         38″
  • Thigh:                24″                                                 *  Thigh:                     23.5″
  • Calf:                  14″                                                 *  Calf:                        13.5″

The numbers in bold are the ones that have gone down.  THAT’S ALMOST ALL OF THEM!

I have officially lost 4 inches!  (We aren’t counting calves.)

Somethings to note: The Arms may be getting bigger with muscle, since this I spend time pushing a wheelchair on occasion, so I may be losing fat and gaining muscle.  Won’t know without body fat calipers.  Also, the leg measurements may be due to muscle atrophy in the thighs and calves. (This is why I included them in the first set of measurements.

Until I get to a scale, I won’t know exactly how much progress we are talking, but these numbers are VERY encouraging. The biggest help to me so far has been the hypnosis recordings.  Best $1.99 I ever spent! *laugh*

If nothing else, I’m encouraged with these results, and I want to continue on this road until I’m down to at least 140, which is a healthy weight for me. I love being 120, but without exercise, that’s not a good idea.  I will be way too skinny, with a layer of fat on top of it, and no muscle tissue. I’ll take 140 lbs, with it’s accompanying cleavage, which I’ve never had in my ENTIRE life. Being fat has a couple of advantages, I can understand why my body type was so prized in the Renaissance. The clothing of the day hid a LOT of sins, and made the most of what we had.  I really do miss my corsets and my hoop skirts. They are way too painful to wear now, and no way to wear them in a the wheelchair.

Some day I’d like to build a costume, or have it built for me, that goes OVER the wheelchair!  I’d create a smaller power wheelchair, like a manual chair with power. and make the hoop go OVER the chair, so I look like a big, little person. I’d be very short, and kind of wide, and you wouldn’t see the chair at all!  Then I could have a controller in a muff (one of those fur things that you put your hands into for warmth, they are usually made from rabbit fur or something on the outside. With a controller in there, no one would see how it worked!  That could be really cool!  If not a muff, then maybe put the controller under a fold in the overskirt. With all the pleats in there, we could hide a pocket or something. I think it could be done. It would take some costume engineering, which I could do, and some wheelchair engineering.  I know a few people that could help me with each, and it could be fun.

Well, that was a tangent that I wasn’t expecting to go on.  *laugh*

Brit, you’re up girl!  Time to put your money where your waistline is. Month one has come to a close, and it’s on to MONTH TWO!



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