From Yllsa: Brit was born Brandi, and married Will. She has a boy and a girl, and they all live in Louisiana. Brit has been dealing with a pain disorder as well.  Her most recent discovery is that her body is not really liking Gluten. When Caitlyn suggested this diet, Brandi’s thoughts were, “Oh great, another miracle diet, right?” Not really, that’s just what Caitlyn was expecting when she suggested this. No one likes to diet alone, so Brandi is joining Caitlyn in her diet. At the beginning of this diet, on November 24, 2012 Brandi weighs 160 pounds.

Brit comes, like Yllsa, from Everquest 2. Her character’s name is Britain, and she goes by Brit. She still plays, though not as often as Yllsa. Brit has children to home-school and drive around to lessons, and a husband to take care of, AND she owns her own business.

Yllsa wants to be Brit when she grows up.

From Brit: Thanks Yllsa for that great intro!  Sorry it took so long to join you on here. As Yllsa said we have decided to join forces to battle the bulge and stop the expansion of our waistlines.  My transition from hot 24 years old to lukewarm (at best) 40 years old mama happened in literally one month.  I went from being a competitive swimmer, mountain bike every weekend, run at least 3 times a week, work out everyday, 120 lbs kinda girl with cut muscles and a “girl pack” stomach,  to a sit on the couch, can’t move because of extreme exhaustion, can’t walk up stairs, 150 lbs girl with mushy muscles and a muffin top in 1 month (I left out some things about my blood pressure and stuff – no need to bore you).   Literally,  in 30 days my life had changed from extremely active person to slug, so I hauled my mushy butt to the doctor, who used all of his accredited advanced education to tell me that, at 24 years old I was “just getting older”!  Oh, and that I had asthma and high blood pressure.  Genius!

I decided that despite his obvious all-knowing knowledge of the human body that I should find another doctor.  I know what you are thinking, “But Brit why? He seems so knowledgeable.”  I know, I know, but I searched in vain to find a doctor who was even remotely interested in finding out what was wrong with me instead of just loading me up with enough meds to fill a hefty cinch sack.

Fast forward, I’m now 40 years old, still no real diagnosis except that I have “an autoimmune disorder” which has now decided that it wasn’t enough to take all of my favorite things away from me but that I should now live in extreme pain on a daily basis while it eats my joints and organs.  YAY!  Oh yeah, and just to make things interesting I’m apparently allergic to gluten now. Woot!  I love a challenge.  Which brings us to today, through EQ2 (only the best game ever!!!) Yllsa and I met and became friends.  When she suggested that we try to lose weight together I thought that would be a fun idea in theory. Ha ha!  We begin together and hopefully you will read along and maybe even join us.

Who is Yllsa? 


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