Her real name is Caitlyn deAmbra, and she is married to Doug with three boys and lots of animals (and not just the children). In 2005 Caitlyn was struck with Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS), and after a year in a wheelchair was able to walk again. However, the GBS unleashed the real demon, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which, instead of affecting a limb as in most cases, infected her entire body (Caitlyn likes to call it “Complex Whole Body Pain Syndrome”).  Her legs are so weak now that she is confined to a wheelchair, and mostly bedridden. She is hoping that with the help of a service dog she will have a lot more independence, and be able to do more. For more information, please go to her website, Four Legs for Caitlyn!

Her doctor recently informed her that her A1C levels were the lowest they could be and still be called “diabetic”, so he asked Caitlyn to lose 10% of her body weight, which is 18 pounds. Currently she weighs 178 pounds, and wants to lose about 50 of them.

Why Yllsa? Caitlyn spends most of her time confined to bed, and Everquest 2 keeps her occasionally entertained. Her characters have a naming convention: The girls’ names begin with Yll, like Yllmwny (ill-MOO-nee…is based a bit on the Welsh language), and the boys with Gyll. Her main character is Yllseidn (ill-SEE-din) and people in her guild started calling her ill.  She is already sick, she didn’t need the reminder, so she asked people to just call her Yllsa. Now, there are people that she loves dearly  (you know who you are!) who ONLY call her Yllsa.

Who is Brit?


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