Day One! Measurements

Start at the very beginning! (It’s a very good place to start.)  😛

YLLSA’S MEASUREMENTS                                           BRIT‘S MEASUREMENTS

  • Right Upper Arm: 12″                                                  Right Upper Arm: 11.25″
  • Chest:              37.5″                                                  Chest:                   40.5″
  • Waist:                36″                                                   Waist:                     37″
  • Hips:                  39″                                                   Hips:                       43″
  • Thigh:                24″                                                  Thigh:                    19.5″
  • Calf:                  14″
  • Weight:       178 lbs                                                  Weight:       160 lbs

The plan doesn’t call for a calf measurement, Yllsa just want to track it having lost so many over the years.

We’ll have a monthly “check-in” where  each of us will remeasure ourselves to “measure” our progress. The ‘biggest loser’ will be the woman who loses the most mass and weight compared to her overall body size, with deadlines at 6 months and 1 year.

*To see the math for weight and mass comparisons, click here.


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