How to do weight loss math


Weight Math
If A weighs 200 pounds at start and loses 50 pounds she’s lost 25% of her original weight. If B weighs 250 pounds at start then loses 60 pounds she has lost more weight, but she only loses 24% weight.

It looks like this: 
Woman A
50 pounds lost/200 total pounds = 0.25 or 25% of her starting weight lost.

Woman B
60 pounds lost/250 total pounds = 0.24 or 24% of her starting weight lost

Woman A loses more percentage of her weight.

Also, if we add up total inches (sans the calf measurement) and then divide the number of inches lost by the starting total inches you get the ratio of lost inches to original inches.  So, if A starts at 150″ total, and loses 25 inches, he’s lost 1/6th or 17% of her body mass. If B starts at 175″, she would have to lose 30″ in order to lose more mass than A.

Woman A
25″/150″=16.7% of her mass lost

Woman B
30″/175″= 17.1% of her mass lost


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