Our Diet Calendar

For those of you following along at home, the diet calendar goes as follows:


You may eat:
• Fruit (organic is preferred)
• Vegetables (organic is preferred)
• Raw nuts
• Raw seeds
• Legumes (beans)
• Spring water (or reverse-osmosis water
with a pinch of sea salt)
• Coconut oil (for cooking)
• Extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice
(for salad dressing)

You may not eat:
• Dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt)
• Meat
• Bread
• Pastries
• Sugar or artificial sweeteners
• Eggs
• Canned fruit or vegetables
• Anything with white flour
• Grains or rice

THEN… all hell breaks loose.  NO, I’m kidding.  Mostly.
Herbal Laxative Tea & Saltwater Flush, followed by:
The Lemonade drink.

This is a 10 day step that cleans out your system of all the gunk we’ve been putting in it. It’s like a car, every so often you have to change the oil, and to do that, you have to take ALL the oil out. Well, your intestines need a good flush, especially if you’ve never done one! If you MUST eat, there are foods we can have, but they are pretty low in calories, and mostly water.  OH, and they will slow down our flush.  Great!

After that, there’s FOOD!!  WHOO HOO!

And there are foods to stay away from….*sigh*

HOWEVER, we WILL be gorgeous when we’re done!

We’ll put weekly schedules and recipes up as we get further into the program.

Brit and Yllsa


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