We are so glad you joined us! Losing weight is rarely fun, and is always easier with a friend.  That’s why when Yllsa and Brit decided to diet, they decided to do it together. Between the ladies they want to lose around 100 pounds. After much research, Caitlyn decided on the Fat Loss Factor Diet.

Join us on our Race to Skinny, an adventure with two women on opposite sides of America, as we celebr ate our triumphs and deal with our set backs. Of course, we ALWAYS want to know how YOUR dieting is going, and love to hear from our readers. Don’t be shy…we aren’t! *laugh*

Of course, we thank you for taking the time to join us on our adventure. And, we’re off!

Where should I start?
That’s a very good question! A couple of good places to start with are below.



One thought on “Welcome!

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